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Bikerhut Buyers Guide to Motorcycling Gloves

Bikerhut Guide to Buying Motorcycle Gloves

The adage of ‘fitting like a glove’ is perfectly apt when considering the right motorcycling gloves, they are usually either great for winter or are designed more for summer. This Bikerhut guide will assist in finding the right pair for you.

Your hands are used to manage most of the important controls on the bike so ensuring that you have a good pair of snug fitting and comfortable gloves is an essential piece of your motorcycling kit, perhaps the most essential? Your motorcycle gloves should be comfortable, supple and protective and in the case of winter gloves warm and waterproof.

We recommend that you always buy good quality gloves and here at Bikerhut we only sell gloves that are specifically designed for use on a motorcycle, those ski gloves or gardening gloves (yes, in 40years of motorcycling I think I’ve seen it all) are NOT going to protect your hands if you are unlucky enough to have an accident. We also recommend that if you are an all year-round rider that you should consider buying two pairs because summer gloves won’t be much good in the winter and vice-versa.

Most decent motorcycle gloves will be made from leather, Cordura, a mixture of both or a ballistic textile material that has high abrasion resistance. Most should also have reinforced palms, fingers and areas susceptible to injury. A lot of gloves utilise Kevlar reinforcement because it has very high abrasion resistance.

The gloves should also have some form of armour on the back of the hands, across the knuckles and fingers, this will protect you in the case of an accident and it can also prevent injury from stones or flying objects that may hit your hands.

It is also useful to have some sort of wrist closure or strap that will secure your gloves and prevent them coming off in the event of an accident.
Always ensure that you buy the correct size, leather gloves will give (stretch) a little so maybe buy them a little bit on the tight side but not too tight as to cut off the circulation to your fingers as this will cause them to be cold. Also make sure the fingers are long enough.

When trying the gloves either make a fist or hold onto the handlebars of a bike, make sure that you can use the controls properly. Ask yourself, are they comfortable? Could you wear them for a few hours at a time? Is any armour digging into your hands? Do they fit well with your jacket cuffs? Do they fit like a glove? 😊

What to look for in Summer Motorcycle Gloves:
Strong, good quality leather that has been stitched well, some manufacturers use Kevlar stitching for additional strength.
They should also have protective knuckles and reinforced palms in the event of an accident.
Glove length, some summer gloves are specifically designed to fit to the wrist while ‘proper’ motorcycle gloves will have a good cuff length and a good wrist closure using a strap and Velcro.
Some leather summer gloves have perforated leather to assist in keeping your hands cool.

What to look for in Winter Motorcycle Gloves:
They should be Waterproof, breathable and a thermal lining to ensure that your hands stay dry and warm. There are plenty of excellent liners, Reissa, Thinsulate, Goretex and many more, most of these are waterproof and breathable and some have thermal qualities. Make sure you read the specifications; this will tell you what features the gloves have.
Make sure there is a good cuff length to prevent wind and rain going up or down your sleeves and even better if they are adjustable.

There is a myriad of excellent motorcycle gloves available and you will find a great selection online at Bikerhut with free delivery on orders over £25 and a no quibble return guarantee.

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