The Forma brand was created in 1999 by Mr ivanno Binotto and his wife who had alrady had 25 years of experience producing OEM off road motorcycle boots. They decide to utilise their 25 years of experience in developing a new and innovative range of motorcycle boots that has now become recognised as one of the most innovative brands in the world of motorcycle boots.

Situated in Altivole, Italy which is an area known as the ‘heart of the worlds sports shoes’ where many of the best sports shoes and boot manufacturers are based it is not difficult for them to find excellent materials and experienced people to make highly technical and excellent quality products. These assets have assisted Forma produce highly specialised motorcycle boots for all genres of riding. For the past 10 years Forma have had their own independently owned production factory in Romania where they can monitor the high-quality standards required for their boots.

Maximum attention is given to the safety of Forma motorcycling boots and almost all the range is CE approved (EN 13634:2010/12) with the exception of some of their Urban style boots. The Forma brand today is still not completely mature, and the goal is to continue its growth in the future. The enthusiasm concerning the product range, the potential to offer only the best product together with the excellent assistance to the sales distribution network through sponsorship investments in the main World Championships has been done to make the brand more recognisable.

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